Xbmc not updating library for tv shows

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If you stream exclusively, set your homepage TV Show shortcut to go directly into your Trakt TV Collection. If you have both local content and stream content, maybe make a submenu widget to bring you to Incursions Trakt TV Collection via a shortcut.I moved exclusively to streaming and dont download anymore, but I was using my "old style" or habbit of setting Incursions library to my local library, so when I clicked into TV Shows or Movies from my main menu it was my local source, but populating from Incursion.so the show added date I had issues with was from few years ago.. however the episodes in that season were dated year 2038 so it was always on the top of the list for newly added episodes until i market it all as watched..so i am changing all the episode dates to match the folder added date..However, if you are going to install add-ons for Kodi then you should be careful, as some of these add-ons are created by third parties and are not approved of by Kodi developers.Some of these add-ons can be used to stream copyrighted content like movies or music illegally, and if you are caught using them then you could get into legal trouble.However the overhead was annoying and slow, so rerouting my homepage to shortcut straight into Trakt worked much better.

Try turning off all of the settings under the library part in incursion like “delay 24h , etc “ .I’ve just swapped to incursion and had lots of problems getting my shows to import before turning off lots of these options. I have Trakt collection shortcuts into Incursion as my shortcuts on my homescreen. For example when I went to West World on Monday, the latest episode was there, along with future episodes marked in red indicating they are not aired.I moved over to Incursion Trakt recently and it is all working perfectly.So using the library, You will find that a normal library update will not update Incursions library.You need to use the separate Incursion library update function found here :- Incursion / Tools / Incursion: Library / Incursion update library You can set a custom shortcut command which i think of the top of my head is This is a pain because you cannot fire this command automatically.

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