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And different people's grief wants to eat different things, and mine wanted carbs.

Good, thick rosemary bread with salt crusted on top.

How do you know when someone is being sincere or just playing you?

The thing about dating is that it all comes down to your mentality…how you see it.

When I signed up they offered a free hour consultation with a trainer, and like a real dummy I went for it.

We have a chorus of frogs in our big back yard, and can see the stars at night.

And Zumba helped fulfill a lifelong fantasy of mine.

And my (now) husband was, and continues to be, an endless well of patience and kindness, even when I come home in a small tornado of sadness and fear, blowing that wind through all the cracks in the house.

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There are so many horror stories about dating and how the dating world is really just full of sleazy people looking to “get one over” on you.

Sometimes it can seem like you’re never going to find them—if they even exist at all!

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