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The outside world is regarded with suspicion and hostility.

Personal identity is submerged into the collective identity of the community which always takes priority over the individual, and which encourages the sharing of possessions and affection.

evangelical, charismatic, ’born again Christian renewal groups).

World rejection movements expect their converts to reject their past lives, and to separate themselves from family and friends.

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Given, however, the relatively small number of people actually involved in NRM, and the fact that they seem to appeal mostly to the young middle class, and then only for a few years, their recent growth cannot be seen as something which seriously offsets the trend towards SECULARIZATION.

World affirming movements tend to regard everyone as having hidden potential and capacities which can be unlocked by believers and practitioners.

Happiness and contentment are seen as something within everyone's grasp, provided that new ways of relating to the world (rather than rejecting or transforming it) are adopted.

Brian Wilson argued that many religious and spiritual organisations operating in contemporary society do not fit into categories such as churches and sects.

This has led to the development of typologies of cults and other New Religious Movements.

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