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He would often call in to the show to have fun with Howard live on the air and they appeared to have a great relationship both on and off air.

The no-holds-barred format of the Stern Show suited Donald Trump very well, with his tell-it-like-it-is style and Howard just loved to ask Trump pretty much anything that could come to mind and Donald would always respond.

For a show that made its name on brutal honesty, this is another good example of the current dishonesty of the show.During the period 1999 to 2002, Howard never once mentioned the personal marital struggles that he was facing and the NYC models that he was having sex with.It was only in 2002, three years later, did he mention anything of note, and even then he tried to play it down.It can come to a point in a stars career that the only motivator left for them is their own fragile ego, as they have already accumulated enough wealth and fame that means they will never want for anything for the rest of their life.Falling into that predictable cliche, Stern continues to broadcast his now less-than-stellar radio show on the Sirius network, ignoring the calls for him to bow out gracefully and at the top of his game.

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