Who is kenny santucci dating

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I have friends like you all over the country who have gyms and stuff.

I’m not saying exercise is the cure for it, but it is.On this episode, we go deep into him growing up overweight, what it was like to be a reality star, his journey into fitness, and the strong New York project that he’s hosting on December 1st that is going to showcase all different types of fitness and getting people better. We were eating pasta and pizza and all the other bullshit. I gained more weight and more weight, and by the time I got to high school I was 230 pounds. She had a heart attack, a massive heart attack like two years ago, three years ago, and it saved her life. The doctor called me that day and he was like, “listen, you got to dial it back a little bit for a while, but keep pushing your mother”. Angelo: I’m doing great man, thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to be on the show. Physically, emotionally, mentally it feels like shit. How was that from your parents when you were getting a little chubbier and stuff like that? When I was—I had to be going into 4th or 5th grade, we all went to the doctor, my mom brought me, my two brothers and my sisters all there, my doctor is like, “he gained 25 pounds and that’s abnormal for a kid of his age, you need to put him on a diet”. I was probably one of the taller kids but I was definitely fat. As far as your family now, have they advanced in health and wellness through you and stuff like that, or is it still kind of that old paradigm? He’s still does those [inaudible ] workouts and old school body building things.My parents come from a generation and they surround themselves with friends who are like, “we are older, we shouldn’t workout, or we are going to get hurt in this mess”.My aunt’s had gastric bypass, my cousin’s had it twice, I’m like, “just fucking work out”. Okay, but the time you spend recovering from your surgery is months and weeks. Kenny: Just fucking spend 20 minutes, 30 minutes working out, do something.

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