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And when Kardashian talks about the recording in , she prepares a statement that focuses on technicalities and frames her as exhausted by the entire ordeal. This one’s for all of the pop culture conspiracy theorists out there.You can choose your own adventure up until the point at which Swift learns about West’s recording of their conversation — it doesn’t matter whether she’s genuinely aggrieved or caught in a power play.Power couples are nothing new in hip-hop, and have been a staple in the culture dating back to the 1980s. Melodie, Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee, The Notorious B. But Kanye West and Kim Kardashian may very well be the most talked-about couple in pop culture in quite some time, let alone hip-hop. and Faith Evans and Jay Z and Beyonce being just a few of the high-profile couples that have served as the embodiment of love and hip-hop, a figure in rap becoming romantically involved with another superstar or celebrity has become par for the course.Although the last time he publicly spoke out about politics, he ended up in the hospital, it looked like he was ready for round two. Kanye quickly was under fire (and still is) for ​saying slavery was a choice during an appearance on TMZ.

It presumes Swift had enough of a handle on "Famous" to render its ultimate form unsurprising; she might not have cleared the "bitch" line or heard the song in advance, but she understood the sentiment.

When the song is released, Swift decides to position herself as the innocent party being victimized by West’s uncouth stylings, a position she reinforces with her speech at the Grammys.

When she finds out that West has a recording of their conversation, she attempts to bury the footage so it doesn’t undermine her public response to the song.

Here are three theories about this year’s most complicated celebrity beef. This is the version of events that hews closest to public knowledge.

West told Swift about part of the line, but didn’t include the "I made that bitch famous" section, and he didn’t play the song for her before its release.

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