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There was a whiff of Beatlemania in the air – not just after the shows but in the way fans seemed to follow Ville’s every movement and, as countless online fan forums suggested, hang on his every word. I need to follow my heart and do what’s right for me.Following the release and rapturous response to in 2003, the Heartagram – drawn by Ville’s own hand – started appearing everywhere: on shirts, on jackets, on skin and, finally, on massive backdrops as the venues grew and their fame reached ever-more dizzying heights with the records and endless touring that followed. “The tickle just wasn’t there anymore,” he says after a moment of reflection, carefully choosing his words. I do find myself a wanky self-centred artist in that I have to be excited about what I do; I need this ‘giddy 15-year-old’ feeling. I don’t want to name bands, but I don’t want to be 55 and still playing exactly how it ever was.Rock, Gothic Rock Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keyboards During his career with HIM, he was signed with recording labels such as –The band’s debut album was named Greatest Lovesongs Vol.666, recorded in only fifteen days, and released in the summer of 1997.It received positive reviews for its sound, and reached number four in Finland at first, but later went platinum.The album won in categories at Emma Awards in 1997.If HIM have endured then it’s because the man at the helm hasn’t just captured hearts and imaginations the world over. Now, like an indifferent god, he wants nothing more to do with it.The news of HIM’s dissolution came via a cryptic message on the band’s Facebook page on March 5.

We’re sitting in a dimly lit room now, reflecting on times gone by and admiring the low-flying clouds as they tumble through the colour-saturated sky outside to the sound of whistling wind. But a band has to be strong, and the friendship has to be strong so you can concentrate on the essentials like drinking beer and shaking your bum.”Changing industry times and a mixed reaction to HIM’s eighth album certainly didn’t help matters, either. Maybe that’s the golden cage dilemma – it’s beautiful, but it’s still a cage.”If Ville sounds angry here, then rest assured he isn’t – the raft of motions and the release that comes with one of the biggest decisions of his life have long since been processed, and he’s emphatic about the good-natured vibe surrounding the split.“We really thought about this long and hard.It’s a fitting scene, because at this very moment at Murder Mile Studios, deep in the bowels of Walthamstow in East London, there’s a world that really is coming to an end.Photographer John Mc Murtrie is currently taking what could be magazine’s last ever pictures of Ville Hermanni Valo: a man who, as the founding frontman, visionary and creative force behind His Infernal Majesty, has graced these pages more times than this 31-year-old publication could easily count.When HIM first appeared on the scene, heavy music was redefining itself.It was the 90s, and the Big 4 of thrash and the lumbering gods that had preceded them had given way to myriad new forms of extremity, hybridisation and uncharted progressive territory.

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