What is a good age gap for dating

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An 80 year old will be coping with very different life challenges and the differences could lead to a range of issues that weren’t apparent earlier on in the relationship.Sometimes people get matched with people in the age bracket they specified only to realise that what 40 looks like on some people is very different to how they see themselves.Qualities developed through emotional maturity are the ones most likely to ensure the success of the relationship rather than anything to do with chronological age. Any relationship that is built on dishonesty will have insecure foundations which, sooner or later, will rock its stability.In matters of the heart, they say that age does not matter.Take this article for example, it provides an explanation of why you should not date someone who is 8 years older than you.There are different justifications that explain the reasons for the huge age difference in relationships.The rational model explains that people look for older partners who are bread winners that can provide for them.Traditionally, men have higher income than women which is probably why they will look for older men.

what is a good age gap for dating-53

what is a good age gap for dating-53

According to some, you can determine your appropriate dating age range by only dating someone who is within a fifth of your own age.

Age isn’t just about the time you’ve been on the planet, it’s about your attitude and approach to life.

With huge advances in technology creating all manner of age-defying treatments; better diets; dental care; and life expectancy, it’s entirely possible to stay looking, and feeling, young well into middle age.

It will, however, likely start to become more difficult when issues around retirement or health problems arise.

A 60 year old who is only just approaching retirement may be making plans for tackling all those ambitions that they haven’t had a chance to fulfil while working.

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