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Live streaming – Makers of Yubo have implemented some safety features to make it safer for children to live stream on the app but it still poses a risk in light of the increase of online sex offenders using this tool to groom children and the potential to that children may share too much personal information ‘in the moment’ with people they’ve never met in real life. Managing who they talk to on the app & privacy Yubo has created a separate community for 13 – 17-year-olds and adults to make sure that children are not speaking to adults.

You can restrict who can talk to you, by choosing either ‘Boys’, ‘Girls’ or ‘Boys & Girls’.

Also, those watching the video can easily be added as friends Live streaming Like other apps, users can live stream in real time through the app.

Anyone on Yubo will be able to see their live broadcast and send messages, not just their friends.

Making friends To add new friends on Yubo, users swipe right on someone’s profile picture to ‘like’ them or swipe left if they would rather not be friends with them.

If the user receives a ‘like’ from someone they like, they become friends on Yubo.

This means that they can begin sending each other photos right away.

Friends can also be added when they live streaming on the app.

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There is an option to restrict friends to find them on the app using their mobile number.

Yubo is a social media app available for Apple and Android smartphones.

It’s gained popularity among school-age teens who use it to chat with friends one-on-one or in groups and connect with other users through live video streaming.

Through their settings users can manage how much of their location they share to find other users around the world: ‘My country first’ ‘All around the world’ ‘My country only’.

Once this has been set users can discover other people profiles on the app.

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