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Exporting a JPEG results in a loss of quality, and these losses get worse with each successive export – like a photocopy of a photocopy.This is why professional photographers generally shoot in lossless RAW format.Most of all Images with transparency blend into any colour background making websites look cleaner and more pleasing to the eye of website visitors (see a small selection of images in the images gallery below) For many applications especially relevant for website headers, advertising banners, social media graphics, leaflets, business cards, posters, email, E commerce and much more.First of all Create your website design using quality transparent background images.Unique no background graphics enhance the appearance of your work, especially relevant for website visitors.If this article feels a little familiar, we published the first edition of it way back in 2009.Read our summary of this year's findings Our Good Childhood Report findings are brought to life in our new high street 'shop'.Products on display are based on an overlooked child's voice - including cyberbullying phone cases, child-sized stab vests and worn school uniform.

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While GIF is generally a poor choice for images with wide color variation, that 256 color limit can help keep file sizes small which is ideal for even the slowest of internet speeds.

Safe Horizon is the nation’s leading victim assistance organization.

Our mission is to provide support, prevent violence, and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.

Unlike GIF, JPEG is a 16-bit format, which means that it can blend red, blue and green light to display millions of color. This is partly why it is a standard format when it comes to most digital cameras on the market.

The JPEG format also allows you the flexibility to choose the how much you compress your image – from 0% (heavy compression) to 100% (no compression).

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