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A staged implementation process, based on pilot studies, formative and summative evaluation, and gradual deployment helps ensure that positive lessons are learned as the project expands.Finally, the district or state carefully assesses a range of hardware and software options to choose which ones best meet their educational goals in a cost effective manner. Computers are to be provided to children, not schools, and in massive large deployments carried out as quickly as possible.Then, in another few years, a new revolutionary piece of equipment will appear and the same cycle will be repeated.Our lesson learned from OLPC The most impoverished countries targeted by this initiative shouldn’t be investing in one laptop per child, as their children will benefit more from the hiring and training of teachers, the building of schools, and judicious use of technology appropriate to their contexts.At the same time, as the price rose and dates slipped by, the Rise of the Atom put cheap netbooks within reach of anyone with a few hundred bucks. The new hardware (read: vaporware) will come in the familiar green and white livery, only this time it's a tablet (surprise, right? The XO-3 will be showing its 800Mhz, 8.5-by-11-inch face in 2010, when hopefully the technology will exist to build what is essentially a giant i Pod Touch for just .

S., including, most recently, programs using low-cost netbook computers and open source software.

As for more developed countries that are considering educational laptop programs, they will do best basing their programs on thoughtful educational planning and priorities rather than, as OLPC advocates suggest, simply passing out XOs and getting out of children’s way.

In summary, what OLPC has taught us so far is how not to organize a successful educational laptop program.

One particular hardware/software combination, based on the XO computer, is seen as the solution in all contexts, rather than recommending that educational leaders consider a range of hardware and software options and select models that meet their educational needs.

The results are entirely predictable, and have started to surface.

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