Updating xml using xpath java

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NODESET); to the compile instruction as return type, is an ordered collection of nodes that can be accessed by passing an index as parameter.

NODESET); File Input Stream file IS = new File Input Stream(File()); Document Builder Factory builder Factory = Document Builder Instance(); Document Builder builder = builder Document Builder(); Document xml Document = builder.parse(file IS); XPath x Path = XPath Instance()XPath(); String expression = "/Tutorials/Tutorial"; node List = (Node List) x Path.compile(expression).evaluate(xml Document, XPath Constants.

Unlike element nodes, attribute nodes have text values.

The way to change the value of an attribute, is to change its text value.

NODESET); “, so to match a result we manipulate the string to convert it to the correct data format used by our document and we do it by using one of the functions provided by XPath If our xml document has a namespace defined as it is in the example_used here, the rules to retrieve the data we need are going to change since our xml starts like this: By doing this we can check each type of node we find and remove those ones we don't need.

These kind of expressions are called predicates and they are an easy way to locate specific data over a document, for example: Document xml Document = builder.parse(File()); this.clean(xml Document); XPath x Path = XPath Instance()XPath(); String expression = "//Tutorial[descendant::title[text()=" "'" name "'" ""; node List = (Node List) x Path.compile(expression).evaluate(xml Document, XPath Constants.

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I'm using Java 6, but the XPath stuff was new in 5, so that's the earliest version you could use.If you need help with a specific XPath expressions, you should probably ask it as separate questions (unless that was your question in the first place here - I understood your question to be how to use the API in Java). Edit: (Response to comment): This XPath expression will get you the text of the first URL element under Power Builder: import here is what I want to do: Get XML file from online via its URL, then use XPath to parse it, I want to create two methods in it. One is in which I enter a specific node attribute id, and I get all the child nodes as result, and second is suppose I just want to get a specific child node value only passing in the document defined in that code and the return type you are expecting, and cast the result to the object type of the result.

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