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Turning the Wii into a working DVD player is relatively simple and requires little technical work with the Wii depending on the method used to unlock the DVD functionality.Using Pre-Modded Chips Mod Chips are a special type of chip that must be installed onto the actual Wii hardware via soldering.The process can be complicated and requires many wires to solder into place.The simplest options for DVD playback require at least 4 wires to be soldered into place.Mod chips also allow for: Launching copied or backed up game discs – Several pre-modded chips are specially designed to allow copied game media to run.

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Installed on more than 1.3 billion systems, Flash Player is the standard for delivering high-impact, rich Web content.Sending the system to Nintendo will not provide any help to those who have had modifications made to their system.This means that newer games that require updates will not be playable on the system with modifications unless a successful update is possible.Installing and running Wii virtual console games and channels – By using specialized processes, installing Wii virtual console games and downloadable content and channels is possible without actually purchasing them from the Shop Channel.The process may be complicated for the novice user and the availability of software to install on the Wii will vary online.

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