Updating controls outside updatepanel

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To make the validators compatible with an Update Panel control, set the Enable Client Script property of the validators to .

This disables the client script that would ordinarily be used to perform validation in the browser.

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Find Control("Submit Button Label"); if (File Upload1.Regards, Upamanyu Web Developer The File Upload control does not work using an asynchronous postback from ... -Damien Visoft, Inc - Home | Blogs Latest Blog Post: SQL 2008 x64 and VS2008 SP1 Hi, A nice solution is as follow: Page A.aspx: File upload is not working in update panel Hello Everbody, i want to ask: i'm put the fileupload in update panel but if i want to get the filename use fileupload1.filename is not working? Thanks File upload does not work from a partial update request you will have to tell the updatepanel to make a full post back how can i use fileupload in update panel, i'm very stressfull. Thanks n Regards, Francis Ferns Hi, Update panel is not supporting file upload.File upload control no working in update panel Hi, I am using file upload control in update panel and when I selected file and submit the control return empty value (nothing) and out of update panel is working fine. My Final Assignment must use fileupload and update panel? Thank you sory my english is not very good I can't really help you for your test:)You... Hi , Im using the Update Panel which contains the File Upload Control but am not able to upload any Image. plz go thru this fileupload hope this helps With Luv Dhana Dont forget to mark as answer if my reply helped you...In that case, the control can work inside an Update Panel control. I guess it has to do with since the button_click is getting info from the File Upload control, it is unable to do so, is this correct?From what you are saying you have part of a page relying on a full postback, and part on partial updates.

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