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I have fixed the bug but now I want to update the jar file by copying this fixed class file. Is there way to update jar file that will overwrite old file. , which was automatically placed in the archive by the JAR tool.This file is used to aggregate many class files, audio files, image files, or directories. Share your experience with us in the comment section. It has many classes archived in it one of the classes adapter.class has bug in it.understands and implements these types of format for the java application.To perform basic operations related to the JAR file, we use the Java Archive Tool (JAR tool).You can execute a Java class directly from a JAR file.This is done using the syntax: command prefix which was shown earlier.

Using this, the downloading time decreased because of the small size of the file.

option, as before, signifies that we shall indicate our filename via the command line (i.e., jar-filename.jar) We also specify a list of the files that we want added to our JAR file. The JAR embeds a manifest, containing information about the files which constitute the JAR file.

Any files that already exist in our archive will be overwritten if there is a conflict of a same pathname. There is only one manifest file per JAR file and it is always housed in the META-INF directory.

The problem is that the class file inside the jar file does not update when I update the class file in my directory.

Is there an efficient way to update the class file inside the jar file?

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