Speed dating in city london

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Though some may say the nightlife in London is not what it used to be, it is anything but lacking when it comes to parties and things to do on any given night.

The London Marathon takes place every year in the spring.

Web is meant to bring awareness to the vulnerability of cyclists, especially in motorist-centered cultures, and encourage people to incorporate cycling into their daily lives, no matter the scale.

So, join the fun fully naked or fully clothed at what is sure to deliver an event worth visiting and not just a cause worth heeding.

We will send out the event schedule on the Thursday before the event which contains the exact bars, the start and end times at each bar, and the name of your team partner (if you’ve signed up alone). For that price you’ll have loads of fun and meet at least 12 new people.

We’ll reserve the tables; you just need to show up.

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