Speed dating club nyc

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Devres has a mane of fuschia hair, a warm smile and personality to match.

The event cover is and as the host, she makes sure to check everyone in personally, asking guests whether they’re seeking men, women, or both, and printing their preference in the corner of their name tag.

The events draw a diverse crowd of women and identities who are looking to expand their social circles, and there’s a strong environment of inclusion and open-mindedness.

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As a total techno novice myself (I’m more of a dub and grime kind of girl), I didn’t have a lot to contribute to the techno dialogue, but that didn’t inhibit any of the lovely conversations I had throughout the night.

“It’s a really impersonal way to interact with people that you don’t even know.

I wanted to change that and make a safe space for people that are single to interact and be in a bar where you can literally walk up to anyone and it’s okay.” In the tight space around the Bossa bar, standing near shoulder-to-shoulder with the participating crowd made scouting out the next conversation challenging at times, but it also negated any awkwardness of having to approach someone from across the room.

The two parted ways almost three years ago, and since stepping back into the single life, she’s found herself feeling like many of us have – thoroughly unimpressed with the dating landscape and swipe-to-play culture.

She got the idea for TSD after hosting Kiss & Tell: First Date where guests had to bring a first date or new friend to the party (one of her many themes from over the years). I feel like we’ve been interacting one-on-one and courting one-on-one since the beginning of time and I just feel like these dating apps are not a healthy way to interact with people or to look for a potential mate,” she said.

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