Speed dating canterbury kent

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It is open to all those working at Kent, whether based in schools or in central departments, either in an academic or a professional services capacity.The scheme is run with the support and participation of Commercial Services and Learning & Organisational Development.If you're single and finding dating in Canterbury not that easy, you're definitely not alone.

The scheme provides various opportunities throughout the year for informal meetings between colleagues.I am fairly shy and reserved at first, but am fun to be with and I have a good sense of humour. If he also enjoys a good game of tennis then so much the better!!! old divorcee (divorced 7yrs), with two grown up children and a teenager... I am looking to build up my social life, as I finished uni 4 yrs ago, and have spent the time since then getting sorted at work.All of my friends from uni have moved away, my youngest doesn't want to go gallavanting about with me any more and most people at work are married and have their own lives.I am now feeling a bit lost and in need of some adult company.Speed dating Tunbridge Wells is brilliant fun and a great way to meet new people.

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