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Sonora is famous for tall, slender women with beautiful faces and hourglass figures. Stick to the central part of the city, between Pitic and Galerias Mall, but if you go outside, it is fine- just check with locals to make sure it’s a safe neighborhood.Rare for Mexico, it is split roughly equally between white and mestizo. HOSTEL/DORM BED PER NIGHT: I don’t think there are hostels in Hermosillo.To the northwest is the Sonora River route with a beautiful green mountains and lush valley and to the north is the charming town of Magdalena del Kino.The state is steeped in cowboy culture, so be sure to go to the dances and festivals in the pueblos.Not that you’ll be doing much walking anyways- Hermosillo is an American style city built for cars. Head’s up-this state was the site of the worst environmental disaster in Mexican history, the 2014 Cananea mine spill which poisoned the Sonora River with massive quantities of heavy metals.It’s even more important here than in other parts of Mexico to drink bottled water. Hermosillo is forty minutes away from Kino Beach and an hour and a half away from San Carlos Beach, which is a beautiful.The company installed more than a million photovoltaic panels (1,072,909) with an associated capacity of 356,02 MWp in two months, from 19 October to 19 December, a construction milestone for this type of plant that is accompanied by another day record figure: on 18 December Acciona assembled 43,080 modules (14.29 MWp).Acciona Energía is building this plant as a turnkey project for the joint venture that owns it, Acciona holding 50% and the other 50% Tuto Energy (Biofields Group).

With this renewable energy plant, Acciona Energía now has 1,144 MW in Mexico (739.5 MW from wind power and 404.5 MWp from PV), making the country the second most important worldwide for the company in terms of owned capacity, after Spain.

So, without further ado, your guide to the capital of Sonora!

***This is a guest post by Don Tim The girls of the City of Sun are as hot as their hometown.

I have had girls hit on me in Costco, at the supermarket, and at the office to pay my electric bills.

And as you get a reputation for being a local Don Juan, more and more girls will seek you out on their own. Just be careful- a lot of these girls have boyfriends, and no, they won’t tell you.

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