Signs of an unhealthy dating relationship

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Honestly answering these simple questions can give her a good read as to the health of the relationship even after only a few dates. Is his physical attack accompanied by verbal assaults, such as calling you a names or swearing at you? When he’s angry, does he call you degrading names or tell you no one else would ever want you? Have there been circumstances (such as separations or jealousies) that might have triggered his anger? If she answered yes to any of these questions, she may need some professional help to break free from the abuse. In addition, the following characteristics are red flags that your daughter’s boyfriend may not be capable of a healthy relationship: 1. Does he hold her responsible for his actions or feelings? Here are some websites to go to for additional help and information. He is a Fellow in the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors and an instructor with the Birmingham Theological Seminary.He travels frequently throughout the United States and abroad training pastors, laymen, and fellow counselors.Lou Priolo draws on his wide counseling experience to help couples at any stage of marriage to identify—and then start rooting out – the most common and insidious faults that may overwhelm them in time.and owner of Great Waters Press “Lou Priolo has authored another volume addressing a crucial issue of life from a Christian worldview. Categories: Marriage, Christian Courtship & Dating, Our Own Grace & Truth Publications, Marriage Counseling, Guidance & the Will Of God, Sanctification, The Fight with Sin, Counseling, Christian Family, Youth Books If you have any doubts about whether or not to move forward towards marriage with this person, take time to read this book.

” If thoughts and questions like this trouble you, this book may help.

I think that anyone dating or thinking about dating would benefit greatly from this book.

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It’s important to teach your daughter how to say “no” and to be willing to say “no” early in a dating relationship. Is she free to express her different opinions as well as her own thoughts and feelings without fear?

For example, when she says “No, I can’t talk on the phone right now, I have a test to study for or home work to do”, pay attention to his response. Or is their relationship all about making him happy and doing what he wants? Have you ever missed school or work due to the effects of abuse? Have you ever used makeup or dark glasses to hide bruises, or have you covered up by making excuses to a doctor or coworker for injuries sustained during an attack?

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