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Similarly, the album's title track and "Fire (Aim Your Arrows High)," featuring added male vocals, are ear-grabbing numbers that should appeal to fans of anthemic modern rock. After a successful, albeit short career with Pop-Punkers Versa Emerge, Sierra has now started the very cool Brooklyn based indie/post-punk/shoegaze act Neaux with members of hardcore bands Trash Talk and Have Heart.Finally, we met with the owner of Fueled by Ramen, had dinner with him and was convinced that label was the right fit. I can tell you that I feel signing with fueled by was such a mistake. Was finding more success over in the UK, just seemed like no moves were being made. Went out with We the Kings, Boys like Girls, Cobra Starship, headlined in the UK. Was filmed for an MTV episode of the world of jenks. Was there a specific reoccurring reasoning for the members leaving..A 360 deal doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing if the band is going to be pushed. Many opportunities that were given to Hayley were not given to Sierra. There was Like we spoke before, I’m mostly a timid person. As all of my friends were leaving the band I always had to re evaluate my choice in staying with the band. Which is something I never even thought would happen so early and I’m so thankful.

“Many opportunities that were given to Hayley [Williams] were not given to Sierra,” he says.

The more money the label makes, the more the band makes. I keep things to myself, give people the benefit of the doubt. My choice of leaving the band was for more than one reason. And we made at the time one of 2 baby boys I’m also so grateful for. And being gone 3 months at a time was not being there.

It would’ve been different if I was being paid enough to support my family. Would you have pursued the band further if I was paid better.

The last thing I am trying to create with this blog is “drama”.

Drama is usually caused by over zealous people, people that have no lives, or people that are literally just sick in the head. It’s crazy to think it’s been 3 years since performing last with Versa Emerge.

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