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Historical society members should RSVP about lunch to their community contacts by Wednesday noon, July 31, and others who want to have lunch should RSVP to board member Margaret Hamilton at (515) 386-4408.In Sunday afternoon’s program, Alan Robinson will present some amazing stories about his hometown of Grand Junction’s history with transportation and the impact that has had on the town’s growth, decline and re-development over its 150 years.The town went from population 0 to 444 in Year 1, and doubled again in just a few more years.” Ever since, Grand Junction has been dealing with changes in transportation and economic diversification.The population once hit 1,100, but by 2017 dropped to 784.That interest continued as the Piepels moved on for graduate school and teaching at the University of Southern Colorado and at South Dakota State University.After 15 years away, the couple returned to Jefferson when Mike landed a job at American Athletic Inc. Dianne served as middle school librarian for 23 years, and that helped develop and sharpen her skills as a researcher.

Many of those theatres were built as opera houses, and the films came to them later.Within a couple years, it was determined that a north-south rail line, from Missouri through Des Moines and on to Minnesota, would be built through what is now Grand Junction.“Once the rail reached from Des Moines to the intersection with the Chicago & North Western, things moved fast for Grand Junction,” Robinson said. Over 60 buildings were constructed in just four months in late 1869.The town remains a major rail center, now is positioned on the front edge of agricultural evolution, too – with the French-owned Louis Dreyfus ethanol plant on the north and electricity-producing wind turbines south of town.Grand Junction’s story is a fascinating one, and Robinson probably knows it better than any current citizens.

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