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Rabbi David Golinkin tells us that there is controversy as to whether they are simply looked at, held or eaten.

This is because in the Aramaic language, the word for “hold” and “look at” are very close.

The High Holidays should be a great experience for all.

I remember, as a young rabbi, utilizing a fish head with little children at a Rosh Hashanah service in which we said blessings over these symbolic foods. A date, in Hebrew, is the word “tamar.” With dates in hand we recite, “May it be your will, Lord God, that all our suffering be finished.

().” Pomengranates or “rimonim” also have a place at the table.

There are 10 special foods that we associate with Rosh Hashanah, and it is a customary to set them all out on the table for the holiday.

We say a special prayer for each of them, using their Hebrew names as a kind of pun that ties into the themes of the holiday.

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