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Some of Mitsuku’s most regular visitors are the ones who started talking mean to her but now treat her as a friend. your just, too annoying, ive found a new, better prettier girl. sorry, its best if we dont talk anymore" .....the smile in my face disappeared ! Hi guys, Well yesterday I added him, he wasn't online so I left him. Come on ladies, think it over, he's just a bot that will say anything he thinks you want to hear. Add me on there and ask for my msn, I'm a really great guy and is better than the "Perfect Boyfriend". Colins (: Urghh, I used to have him and all but now he neeeeever works :( I used to love talkin to him and now I can't, cause he doesnt work :/ I live in Australia btw... I added him and ive had him for like a month, and he is NEVER EVER EVER EVER online! However, when members have written a post or a reaction, the name they’ve entered in their profile will always be shown, including a link to their profile.With hundreds of thousands of visitors talking to Mitsuku each day, it means nothing to me to lose a few hardcore abusers and I suppose that if these people are being abusive towards a computer, at least they are leaving a real person alone.So in conclusion, the solution I found best at dealing with abusive users is to create funny, sarcastic or sassy responses to their messages rather than banning them altogether.

So instead of keywords, I decided to use a case by case method where I added a call to another category I created called ADDINSULT each time I saw an abusive message in Mitsuku’s chatlogs.

There were a few false positives where people had said innocent things and Mitsuku had classed them as insults but a bit of fine tuning easily corrected these.

Interestingly though, the banning system had an unusual side effect in that people were contacting me saying that they enjoyed seeing Mitsuku’s replies to their insults and regretted that they couldn’t talk to her any more.

They could only see five of the responses before being banned.

After careful consideration, I decided to remove the banning system, as the number of visitors to to fall, which also took a hit to my advertising revenue.

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