Senior dating practices dating someone better looking than you

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However, that should not deter a single or widowed man (or anyone) from seeking a companion and more. It’s fun, but it can complicate one’s life, so go about it with your common sense fully engaged; moving forward with intent and purpose.

If you are considering re-entering the dating scene, you first need to understand your own motives clearly.

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Luckily, there are many best practices for men to go to school on as they emerge from their “cave.” Men have various reasons for late in life dating.

Some men hope to discover love; others are happy with someone who can cook meals or care for them should they ever become ill.

Others are lonely, (usually the result of a divorce or the death of their spouse) and desire someone with whom they can share a bed.

Still others are wounded following an unwanted breakup, or a previous romantic experience gone bad: they shy away from exposing their emotions (or their wallets) to more pain and are slow to look for future entanglements.

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