Scottsdale dating scene

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Just like every individual, every bar is different.

Hopefully with these many options, you’ll find one that suits your style.

It all starts with a phone call – a confidential conversation during which one of our dating specialists can answer your questions and give you more details about the It’s Just Lunch dating process. We’ll learn what you’re looking for in a potential partner, what’s worked for you in past relationships and – just as importantly – what hasn’t worked.

From everything you tell us, we’ll fine-tune your future matches, as we’re always looking to improve your It’s Just Lunch experience. Having fun isn’t really a step in our process, but we hope to make it a big part of everything you experience with It’s Just Lunch.

If mingling with your neighbor is what you want, this is the bar for you. Windsor This bar has a great patio, and has been called a more modern beer garden.

It has something for everyone, with plenty of wine, cocktail, and beer options. Durant’s If you sometimes wish that you lived in a simpler time, try out this place.

Matchmaking is equal parts art, craft, experience and instinct.

And if we’ve learned anything in our many years, the best approach to dating is to have fun at every step and enjoy the adventure of meeting someone new.

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