San andres island dating

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The pirates attacked Spanish ships carrying gold and other precious material that sailed in the Caribbean waters. The bounty looted by the pirates is still believed to be hidden in some underwater cave in the area. In the year 1792, by royal warrant on 20 May, the Spanish informed the Captain General of Guatemala, Don Bernardo Troncoso, to recognize the archipelago.The Catholic religion was spread on the island and a church was built and run by its own priest.In 2007, the International Court of Justice announced that the 1928 Bárcenas-Esguerra Treaty of 1928 wasn't a boundary treaty between Colombia and Nicaragua.Nicaragua filed a formal complaint to the International Court of Justice in The Hague, claiming territory east of longitude 82, as their continental marine platform included sovereignty over the archipelago of Saint Andrew.In 2000, the archipelago of Saint Andrew, Providence and Saint Catherine became a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve as per of the five biosphere reserves listed with the UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere programme.Nicaragua signed a boundary treaty with Colombia, in which it disputed the boundaries alleged by Colombia at 82 degrees longitude.because a German submarine sank one of their boats that had to transport British troops to Saint Andrew.In 1953, at the request of several representatives of the island community, President Gustavo Rojas Pinilla reaffirmed the Saint Andrew Island and the free port.

Enslaved people of West African birth or descent were brought in by British shipowners in 1633 from Jamaica.The Dutch are reported to have come to these islands at the end of the 16th century The English Puritans were the first to arrive; they hailed from Barbados and also from England.Between 16 they came to settle in the salubrious climate and take advantage of the fertile land of the islands.As early as 1803, reports suggest that it was for political and economic reasons that Saint Andrew became a dependent Viceroyalty of New Granada.In 1810, factions in New Granada declared independence from Spain.

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