Reverse painted chinese scent bottle dating

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Today the more common TV lamp is worth around 50 to 75 dollars but there are some that are worth hundreds to thousands of dollars. And of those, the most popular was a long sleek design of a stalking panther, that looks like it’s crouching low and sneaking up on its prey.I have a theory as to why those were the most popular.I just remember looking at the lamps in the book and thinking how interesting and crazy they were.

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The general consensus was that the concept behind TV lamps was to keep a person from damaging their eyes from watching too much TV.So in the 1950s you have people all of a sudden interested in Oriental, Africa, Polynesian, and French motifs, basically anything that represented a foreign culture became very popular.A panther kind of fit in with all that, an exotic animal from a foreign land. I know, because of my three websites, I get a lot of emails. I think people probably started collecting TV lamps in the 1980s.I was born in Fort Worth and lived here my whole life and never heard of Bangs, Texas.So one day my wife and I decided to drive to Bangs, Texas and see what’s there.

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