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Sandoval has been hitting balls softly and hitting balls on the ground at career-high percentages, and is so out of sync that he’s swinging at balls in the strike zone four percent less frequently than he has throughout his career.

He was forecast for the same 3.4 WAR as Sandoval, and is at nearly the same place now, -0.4 WAR.

Not usually a big deal, as I have first hand experience of my now wife forgetting where her engagement ring is for days on end it…: What better way to celebrate an 0-3 start to the Red Sox season than for the new GM, Ben Cherington, to marry his girlfriend Tyler Tumminia.

The couple will apparently have a larger wedding in September. Well, Ben Cherington’s wife Tyler Tumminia is reportedly pregnant with the couple’s first child and will be welcoming him or her very soon – so it sounds like they likely wanted to tie…UPDATE: : After Theo Epstein left the Boston Red Sox to become GM of the Chicago Cubs, the rumor mill immediately starting churning as to who would replace him.

That said, as Red Sox fans on this site, I think we can all agree we’re less than thrilled about…08/28/2012: It appears things may be over before married life began for the Will Middlebrooks and fiancee Ann Lux.

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It’d be nice to have Lackey right about now, wouldn’t it? In the fantasy world, we’ve found you either love him, drafting him year after year, or you don’t even consider him an option.I place myself firmly in the “ignore” camp, but was genuinely excited when my team (Atlanta) almost traded for him at the 2012 trading deadline.Since arriving in Boston, Yuka has become a constant fixture at Red Sox Wives charitable events and fundraisers. The Christian Vazquez-Ryan Hanigan duo wasn’t expected to light the world on fire, but between them they were projected for 2.7 WAR, which would have put them squarely in the middle of the pack.

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