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Without homes or even water, they struggle for a better life.But with your donation you can bring a bucket of hope and necessities to their lives.He couldn't resist moving in and out and over the coral head, watching their dazzling performance.Scuba diving is a peaceful and magical experience, allowing a person to enter an underwater realm full of beautiful and mysterious creatures.The Federal Republic of Germany has a massive 82 million inhabitants and is the most populous country in the European Union.

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The couple purchased a big enough van and added all the accoutrements and personalizations necessary to turn it into a functioning home.

Our fundraising events will help spread the word that Africa’s survival is dependent upon our help.

Through our fundraising efforts and your support, we can truly make an everlasting impact. We rely on the Support of individuals like you and organizations that are committed to ensuring that the numerous causes and current disasters requiring immediate attention receive the donations and awareness needed to overcome those causes.

Collecting donations is only part of Donate to Africa’s Mission.

Our other priority is to raise awareness and bring attention to the numerous issues affecting Africa.

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