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You can receive lab test results for verified loved ones and family members who are part of your circle.Minors ages 13–17 can create a Quest Account and access My Quest.If you don't think this is your account, continue creating a new account.To protect your privacy and the integrity of your health record within My Quest, Quest Diagnostics uses a technology called knowledge-based authentication (KBA) to verify that a patient is who they say they are.Our servers comply with all regulatory rules associated with protecting health information.At this time, the only health information you can include for your family are lab test results.If you want to finish setting up your My Quest account, sign into My Quest, confirm your identity by answering the knowledge-based authentication questions, and authorize Quest to send you your lab test results.

Additionally, Quest Diagnostics does not share any protected health information (PHI) with the identity verification service.If you still have not received the email, please contact us and provide the email address used to create the account, and the approximate date and time when the registration process was completed.Once your identity is confirmed and you have authorized Quest to send you your lab test results, then in about a week, your My Quest account will populate with your lab test results for tests performed within the last year.Yes, we implement industry best practices, such as secure HTTPS encryption, to protect your information.We require a username and password to access your information and after thirty minutes of inactivity, you are automatically logged out.

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