Protestant dating ireland

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International bodies were set up to give the two countries shared oversight of how the place was run.

And a devolved government was established at Stormont, one in which nationalists and unionists would share power.

Under the agreement Ireland gave up its claim on the north and Britain agreed to a mechanism by which Northern Ireland could secede via a future referendum.

When the last of the arsenal had been destroyed, the young man marched up to the general in charge, clicked his heels and solemnly handed over his gun.Stones still sail over, so houses nearby have metal cages over their back gardens.Surveys show that three-quarters of people would like to live in integrated neighbourhoods, and two-thirds would send their children to mixed schools. A handful of mixed social-housing developments have been started, but the “lunatics” make them dicey places to live.Their share of police officers has risen from one in ten at the turn of the century to one in three, after a temporary affirmative-action programme.National and religious identities are blurring, particularly among the young.

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