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In fact, there have been many times that you’ve wished you could just divorce yourself from them. So what it is possible for a marriage to survive even when you don’t get along with your in-laws, but it takes a clear understanding and agreement between you and your spouse.

The old saying about marrying your partner’s family is true to the extent you let it be,  says Doares.

Do not force your spouse to be with them if it is too hurtful.

It’s okay to visit them alone.#8 DO be the bad cop You are the spokesman and enforcer for your marriage to your parents.

This means you will have to deal with any outstanding issues you have with your parents.

When it comes to abusive, meddling, advice giving, or surprise visiting in-laws, what you tell them about your relationship, holiday celebrations, child rearing, etc.

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Grieve their choice, provide appropriate information about your family, manage your hurt, and move on.Sometimes, if you can drop your end of the rope and stop trying to make everyone get along, the two parties can change their position over time.#1 DO prioritize Your partner and your marriage are your top priority.Protect your marriage.#2 DO set boundaries You and your spouse must clearly define the boundaries of your marriage.Ghosting a friend involves cutting all ties with someone without any warning, explanation, or word at all.It means completely letting go of communication with one of your very best friends.

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