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When the Norwegian Police were pursuing “Operation Homeless,” they used surveillance to find targets for eviction—but they also evicted sex workers who came to their attention in other ways.

A group of sex working Nigerian women were evicted—and left homeless—after reporting that they had been the victims of rape, a situation that illuminates the comment by the Norwegian government that “the threshold for reporting a violent customer to the police also seems to be higher after the law.

In all likelihood I won't be going back.”His latest film, Maniac, feels like an attempt to shake the Shire from his soul once and for all.

A remake of the 1980 William Lustig film, he plays Frank, a New York loner with a mother fixation who stalks women before killing and scalping them.

June 2 was the 40th anniversary of the occupation of churches in France in Lyon, notably Saint-Nizier, by sex workers protesting police brutality and heavy fines.

When the French police threatened to take custody of the sex workers’ children, the protesters were joined in the church by local non-sex working women, who dared the police to try to discern who was a prostitute and who was not.

Sweden’s landmark 1999 sex work legislation—presented as decriminalizing the seller of sex while criminalizing the client—is aggressively marketed as a “progressive solution” to prostitution internationally.

It’s too bad that the reality of the law is not so simple, nor so uncomplicatedly progressive.

Plenty of voiceover work (video games, animated feature Happy Feet, the recent TRON: Uprising TV series) and lots of shorts, but for an actor who carried Jackson's first Tolkien trilogy so elegantly, it's somewhat surprising there have been few leads.

Understandably, he revisited Middle Earth more than once, voicing Frodo in a rather X-rated episode of the stop-motion comedy Robot Chicken, and last December fans glimpsed him in a brief cameo in The Hobbit, the first of Peter Jackson's three films taking on JRR Tolkien's prequel to Rings.“It was like stepping back into time,” he says, admitting “it was strange” to be without his fellow Hobbits Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan and Sean Astin, who he got so close to on the New Zealand set of Rings."He claims that's it for Frodo, and that we won't see him again in Jackson's next two Hobbit films.“I've actually done my piece, which is just the beginning of the first film.

In one sense, those who argue for the criminalization of clients are right: sex work is a product of a deeply unequal society.

But as one sex worker organization notes (disclosure—I am a member of this organization): “If campaigners are concerned that poverty takes away people’s choices, we suggest that a real solution would be to tackle poverty, not to criminalise what is often the final option that people have for surviving poverty.” We need the New Zealand model, because we need safety now—and we need real alternatives to sex work.

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