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Initially I was envious of my dating friends who were still in that first flush of early romance: a part of me wished I could have that flicker of excitement once again.



And, even though their aged Tennessee whiskey isn’t ready yet (they bottle and sell some made by a larger distillery), the tour and tasting at Leiper’s Fork Distillery is one of the most fun dates around.I’ve recently had an epiphany: far from lamenting the slide into middle age comfiness, I’ve realised there are very good points to becoming bored – and boring – together.I’ve heard stories from friends playing the online dating game: of men not turning up to dates, or never phoning again or – horror of horrors - turning up and looking nothing like their profile picture.Likewise, if he wants to spend a Saturday morning ‘organising the garage’, I’m happy to leave him to it.The fact is there are good points about becoming boring together.

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