Mum dating

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Its dawned on me I am old, I don’t know how the Xbox works, I’ve got no bloody interest in it and I ask my almost 9 year old to put Netflix on for me. Mum Bod is ok, I’m in to exercising to keep the Mum Bod in check.

I need a good night out with a man, a few drinks and the possibility of a shag at some point in the future. Now, I hear a lot about Dan TDM, Five nights at Freddie’s and Minecraft. Succeeding in raising two humans, who are bearable to be around some of the time. Boobs are still roughly in the right place (see pictures).

Right, 8 photos uploaded, I think I have covered all bases, Cute, Hot, Classy, Fun, Drunk, Latex, Animal Lover and Sensible. Upload a couple of pictures, write a bio and then swipe. an hour wasted on editing and choosing the right photos. I’ve been in a relationship for 10 years, I’ve been a mum for 8 of those.Welcome to our reviews of the mum dating (also known as senior singles dating free).

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