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Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone are back with MTV Splitsvilla 12.We had recently revealed the full contestants list, which includes 10 girls and 15 boys.But, I mean, even famous people can be bulls**tters, so I don't know. That's another music video."For now, Lizzo is just focusing on her career and spreading good vibes to her massive fan base.She hopes her music will be a type of "therapy" for people, just as it has been for her all these years.need"It's definitely intentional; I want to feel good.Regarding the boy she likes to date, she had said that he should be fun, smart, compassionate, understanding and congenial.

We all just kind of realized that we all had the same insecurities, and we also had the same triumph to achieve.

So that was a big moment for us on stage."" data-reactid="30""This [VMAs] performance was so special to me because normally I am performing for everybody and I am very, 'Hey, listen,' but this was more so for the women on stage with me and it was an uplifting moment for them," she continued.

"We sat in a circle the night before and we all just shared our stories of how we got to this point and how we got to this performance.

"There's gotta be something real about you, or you gotta be fine as hell, either or.

No shade to the guy last night but he didn't meet that criteria.""I definitely understand more and more why famous people be f**king, because it's such an interesting world," she added.

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