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Metric construction saves 10-15% when compared with our non-system.The Australians have been reaping these metric rewards for over thirty years. Over the counter medicines are allowed by your “freedom of choice” to offer only teaspoons and tablespoons.Why not just create a new measurement unit for each circumstance—like medieval cultures did?The non-system we use in the US, measures feet in barleycorns (three barleycorns in an inch you know), to determine shoe size, instead of millimeters. My essay might help you with context when considering this question.But far more important, the very thesis of in the US, which does not allow me to purchase metric tools—despite my desires as a consumer.

I would like to see snow and rain totals in millimeters, but I do not have that choice.To compare the measurement situation we face in the US to bilingual education is mendacious. Mendehall had no choice but to announce that metric standards would be used to define our farrago of units.Your whitewash of the history of how the current non-system of measurements were finally defined in terms of metric standards, hides the fact there was no other technical choice. Without using the metric standards supplied from our signing of the Treaty of the Meter, science and industry in this nation could have ground to a halt. This is because of government inaction on mandating metrication, and the fact that no alternative measurement standards existed for our non-system.In the US, people who work with tools have to needlessly purchase both metric and inch tools.This doubles the infrastructure cost for working Americans. Weights and measures is The Invisible Infrastructure of a nation.

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