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Just follow these simple tips: Boys do admire smart girls with brains!

If you score really well at a test and get mentioned loud by the teacher, he will definitely remember your name! You have nothing to loose – after all, you never know if you never try!

In the 6-minute video, he hilariously talks about his Malaysian experience.

Half of the semester has just gone – and you are still sitting right at the end side of the classroom, looking at the back of your crush? Once he notices that you’re more than just a pretty girl, he will feel attracted to you straight away – guaranteed!

Just watch out and don’t go overboard – make sure he also knows the “real” you, besides the sexy, flirty side of yours. Especially that while in the campus, you can bump into HIM literally everywhere!

Next to the class, during lunch, even when you’re going to the toilet! Miracles happen in the most unexpected time, you know 🙂 So, just make sure that you look your best – always keep with you whatever it is that makes you feel comfortable.

KUALA LUMPUR, July 26 — Foreplay was previously perceived as a warm up or the “appetiser” before sexual intercourse.

He’s lived in Malaysia for over three years and used that for a hilarious comedy set that went viral on Facebook.

She learned how to cook by watching her mother and grandmother.

“My mom would give me a dollar to go to the market,” recalls Camie, 46.

Right by co-owner Camie Lai’s side at the restaurant, named for the small Malaysian town where they grew up, is a partner she’s known her entire life: her younger brother, chef Tommy.

At 7 years old, Camie was tasked with cooking for the family of seven while her parents worked.

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