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But when they broke up, it honestly didn’t feel like a huge loss. We don’t know much about Morey except this — he’s one cool cat.

The show’s erstwhile baby daddy always seemed to mean well, but he rarely came out looking the best as he and Lorelai bounced back and forth between friends to lovers and back again. But in witnessing him flounder multiple times in his attempts to become a grown-up, we have to admire 16-year-old Lorelai for knowing that marrying him would be a huge mistake.

(The bluegrass thing was cute, we gotta admit.) We only have one hope in this godforsaken world of ours: That after 10 years of being married, he and Lane have figured out how to have a pleasurable and happy sex life, and that they’ve also figured out how birth control works. ) Some fans might not love April’s insertion into the narrative, but here’s what was fun — Luke’s DNA made a kid maybe smarter than Rory, with her own quirks but also cool in her own way.

Saeed Adyani/Netflix Are we only spotlighting Beau because he was played by Nick Offerman, and Nick Offerman is great? God, imagine what would happen if Luke and Lorelai had a baby?

Gets rated as high as he does because he threw a pretty decent party one time, and hired the nascent Hep Alien to play at it.

The headmaster of Chilton never really went easy on Rory, but he did seem to recognize her talents. Saeed Adyani/Netflix One of Dean’s friends from high school.Hey, remember when this asshole decided to crush the spirits of a talented young woman, because he could? But in later years, his lack of ambition and his inability to find happiness with Rory seemed to twist into something unpleasant and sad. Regina George showed more human compassion in “Mean Girls.” Rory’s other grandfather made Richard look like Saint Nicholas by comparison. Rory might have gotten suckered into finding Chad Michael Murray’s Season 1 bad boy charming, but we pity his military school, and any girl with even a vague crush on him. Anna’s treatment of Luke ranged from not nice to full-on mean, and it’s not the way grown-ups should behave. He loves his town, his heart’s in the right place, but he’s a dick. Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, you’ll manipulate your way into getting whatever you want. Perhaps Colin never made much in the way of a positive contribution to society, but he was pleasant enough.Not saying we’re GLAD he’s dead, but he sure wasn’t a generous guy while he was alive. Saeed Adyani/Netflix There are things about Emily that are nice. Luke’s Season 3-4 girlfriend/eventual wife was not, like, the worst, though her fidelity was not… Basically a duplicate of Colin, but with a hot accent, hence ranked ever-so-slightly higher than him. Bad at making newspaper hats, but hey, one of his stories got picked up by the New York Times at one point.It’s truly sad that Lane couldn’t make things work with Henry Cho.While he might not have been a first love, he was definitely a first something for her — the first boy to make her realize she could be loved for who she was. Lorelai’s eccentric Season 4 childhood friend/eventual boyfriend had his charms (and a totally sick pad). Saeed Adyani/Netflix The nosiest of the Stars Hollow crew, Babette’s deeply held affection for her cats and for Morey nonetheless kept her charming.

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