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Say hi to new visitors when they first enter your website. If you start a chat with a customer, that customer is three times more likely to purchase.

Engage your customers and find the ideal moment to start that chat proactively by tracking them with Zendesk Chat.

For example, just because an AIML bot is used in a learning environment, doesn't mean that it's a pedagogical agent without significant additional programming. First, congratulations to the team at for pulling this list together.

Good information for the industry and great topic for discussion.

I like "brand agent" as a functional "brand character" as well though.

The power of these simple pictures should not be underestimated.

When it's a cheerful picture the person behind it must be nice...

Their skill is to generate words - and not bother too much about their conversational partner! Futurist Erwin Van Lun, CEO and Founder of, says of the matter, “The terminology chaos regarding humanlike conversational AI confuses potential clients, puzzles job seekers and is slowing down innovation.

It’s time for the industry to take its responsibility and standardize terminology.

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