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The important thing here is that it gives a lot of good information too. It allows them to create superhero avatars and grow virtual plants. The distinguishing point is that it not only monitors the sessions, but it also filters slang language.

So, even if someone uses slang, it just gets deleted.

But just like everything else, it has a dark side, and can have disastrous effects on children.

Also, just telling them not to do something will only make them want to do it even more. So, the solution is to provide them with a safer alternative.

Both of the old chat room sofwares where 3rd party and making changes to them were both hard and time consuming, so we now have created a custom chat software of our own to overcome those problems.

To chat with strangers on the Internet is a great way to find new friends.

Too shy to chat head to head in a private chat room?

You can login as a guest which requires no registration or you can claim a username of your very own.

Filling out your profile will let others know a bit about you and likely save you form answering the same Age/Sex/Location question over and over again.

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