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"I've got three daughters and they’re all mad about clothes and style.

One of my daughters said, 'Go on this and have a bit of a laugh’.

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Walter Thomson survey of 55- to 72-year-old women in England.

Every time you go in the room the bird would make noice and granny would come in, but there should be a mask you can put on then the bird can squeak. (Back to slender man) when you spawn slenderna she could give you a key to slender man’s grave.

(Add to the menu as well.) *If you are reading this thanks for using time to read this.

Ms Smith, from Ballsbridge, has over 14,000 followers (and counting) after charming fans with her #OOTD posts and classic style.

She originally started the account in order to keep in touch with her daughter in Australia and it took off from there - now she counts Pippa O'Connor among her fans.

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