Julie chen and les moonves dating

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“How are women ever going to feel comfortable in the workplace if they still think that power and money will be held over their heads? "I will ice you out."Chen was referring to what happened the one time her husband, Leslie Moonves, overstepped during an argument.Asked what the secret was to their enduring marriage, Chen recalled, "Very early on my husband said to me, 'Let's never say something to the other person where—just know anything you say, you can't take it back.' So never hit below the belt, no matter how emotional you're feeling, or vulnerable, or hurt, or angry. We don't fight."I'm a very easygoing person," she continued. And my husband, he has learned how to count to 10 backwards in his head.

"When she learned that I got the job, she sent me the most beautiful floral arrangement.

I will shut off and shut down." returned for its ninth season in September, the day after Moonves stepped down from his post as CEO and chairman of CBS in a cloud of sexual misconduct allegations, Chen stayed away—and ultimately never went back."Right now, I need to spend more time at home, with my husband and our young son," the veteran TV star said, stoic as ever, in announcing via video that she'd be leaving the CBS daytime show on Sept. "I want to thank everyone at the show for the wonderful years together.

I will always, always cherish the memories we shared.

What is true, and what I deeply regret, is that I tried to kiss the doctor.

Nothing more happened.", Sharon Osbourne said after Moonves stepped down that she'd never been nervous in her life but she was nervous right then.

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