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All software companies should do the same if they care about quality software releases.Overall: I have uninstalled it and am using another application by Jom Social on July 31, 2017 Hello Eugene Thanks for your review, however, there are few points that can lead other review readers to wrong information.All features of Comet Chat including private chat, groups, games, real-time language translation and more will work effortlessly in your Jom Social site.You can restrict Comet Chat to certain usergroups as per your choice.Uploading photos and editing profile is quick and easy.I like how you can create groups and have private messages.

No want to get support for paid subscription users.

Software is slow with keeping itself updated with new Joomla updates.

Some specific problems we had, the support during the 3 years was very very helpful and also very fast and friendly.

Big Brother (Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Google or whichever social media site which makes money by selling out your privacy information to the govt mass surveillance creeps) cannot easily get your private information, if you prefer your website's social network to be private.

Dating sites, special interest communities, religious groups, towns and cities, gyms, schools, unions, social groups of all kinds, are easy to organize and connect, as long as the members register on the joomla or wordpress based website, and you get jomsocial software installed and running on there to provide its social element.

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