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Another picture rep- resents a peasant toting home a load of grain. The face of the well-to-do pro- prietor is precisely that of John Bull as depicted by Punch ; put the figure into a bo1)-tail coat, tights and top-boots, and the resemblance would be perfect. while his spouse balances uj^on her head the basket con- taining the spoils of the day, steadying it with one hand, the other sup- lorting the youngest hope of the family : a half- grown lad, who "^ "-^^"r_r 3;.^:i=^~"_"~Z^^^.:-^==-^-" might have been better vux AGE HOcs Kwi FB BKBia Ne oo Txo. Another pic- ture represents a farmer dipping up manure from the common receptacle ; by two or three firm strokes of his pencil, the artist shows that the fumes of the compost are too strong even for the practiced olfactories of the farmer. Pater- familias is burdened only with his light rod and bait-bag. These two pictures tell us that in Japan, as elsewhere, the cultivators of the soil are farther advanced in culture than any other portion of the peasantry. And, finally, we have the peas- ant's luxury of a thorough shampooing of his half-shaven skull, after the day's work is done. The native artist gives us sketches of the household manner of preparing this material. Frequently, however, this promise of a fair day is broken by a furious hur- ricane, unroofing houses, tearing up trees, and wrecking many a goodly vessel. Snoxo 721 ETHICS OF LOVE, THE Samuel Osgood 106 EXPERIMENT, AN Caroline Cheschro 65 FASHIONS, THE Fashions for December 143 Fashions for March 575 Fashions for January 287 Fashions for April 719 Fashions for February 431 Fashions for May 863 FIRES, A GOSSIP ABOUT V. When the heats of summer are over another pleasant season sets in, not unlike our Indian Summer : for weeks together the sun will rise, run his course, and set in a sky on which not a cloud has appeared.

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Gardette 246 CRACKTHORPE, IMY FRIEND, AGAIN Charles D. The whole country is intersected with 41 fine net-work of hills, rising liigh enough to fur- nish a temperate climate, wliile tlie valleys be- low present that of the northern trojncs, cover- ing the ground with a rich profusion of rice, cotton, yams, sweet potatoes, and tobacco. BURLINGAMft PUBLIC LI a 26 HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY L\GAZINE. In January and February, the coldest months, it ranged from 18° to 59°. PENRYN GOT THE DYKEDALE LIVING 802 BURLINGAME PUBLIC L^ JAPANESE, PICTURES OF THE -. Here, in July and August, the hottest months of the year, the highest temperature in 1860 was 92° ; the lowest, 63 '^. Another shows an in- genious manner of keeping off the birds, by means of a series of cords stretcliing from a central pole to the extremities of the small field ; the cords bear sun- dry shining objects, which the winged depredators will con- sider to be formida- ble. Another pic- ture shows him pressing down« the seed with an ordinary garden-roller.

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