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All lives are marked with points in time when decisions are made that not only affect them when made but also for years to come.Eddy Kepler is a perfect example of life long consequences due to teenage decisions.Do you need peace and assurance that all is well in your life? Amid the highs and lows of this earth's journey comes the question: what's next? Almost in an instant, her character and talents would be challenged by evil forces threatening a nation of people she had never heard of . The animated trio discover the wonders of the great outdoors—that is, until they come face-to-face with a grizzly bear! Follow Joe and his friends as they journey through the woods, only later to discov...There is a “next,” and the author is passionately pointing the reader to victory that is attained only through God's divine plan. Fifteen-year-old Ashlyn Jordan could not understand her nightmares. My passion and dedication for nursing are the reasons that made me love my profession and inspired me to write a book.When Claira realizes she has more blood relatives than just her mother and brother, the next adventure begins, whether ...Muddy Feet is a nostalgic story of a young girl who, after overcoming unimaginable tragedy and heartache, becomes a source of inspiration to a community desperately in need of her unconditional love and the hope it brings.

Peggy Rogers is now in her 39th year as an educator. In this book, I've created the carnage image of evil to emulate the ongoing presence of the master of blasphemy, sometimes referred to as the Devil.

Perhaps, you know of someone who did, maybe someone close to you, or even someone distant. Perhaps, in brief moments you thought of ways the wrong could have been righted, only to have reality once again remind you this w...

Dorothy and her son Ryan typed, edited, and had published a cookbook for the Shriners Hospital for Children Houston volunteers several years ago. BESA recounts my life, beginning as a young boy of a large, happy three-generation family living together in southern Albania.

He hardly knew his mother who died earlier when he was barely fou... Two young girls alone at home on the South Dakota prairie hear a baby crying outside in a blizzard.

Miles from any neighbors, with no way to call for help, they must decide if they should open their door to strangers and dangers.

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