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Java 7 can be installed on Lion and Mountain Lion to run applets. Lion and Mountain can have both Java 6 and Java 7 installed concurrently.The Java runtime (JRE) on Windows comes from Oracle (previously from Sun).

A component of Java has to be installed on a computer before Java programs can execute, either online or offline. It was initially referred to as the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), but now the more common term is JRE (Java Runtime Environment).A Java version 6 runtime was pre-installed by Apple on OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard, but starting with Lion, Apple stopped pre-installing Java.Java 6 can be installed on Lion and Mountain Lion, but it will not run applets.For now, the site will remain available just for the sake of digital archaeologists.It has been around so long, that I lost track of when it first went live. In its day, the site was useful to many people and for that I'm glad. Like this site, it is not commercial in any way; there are no ads, no tracking, no affiliate links. Michael Horowitz Java is supported on Windows, OS X and Linux. Java is very much involved in Android, but not in a way that is visible to end users.

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