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His hair dyed a bright reddish-orange, Holmes appeared somewhat dazed, prompting speculation that he was on medication.

The eerie footage of Holmes' court appearance (watch below) gave few insights into the mind of the accused mass murderer, who allegedly showed up at a midnight showing of in the Denver suburb Aurora heavily armed and in full body armor.

"They're trying to get at anything -- trying to vent." This article originally appeared on

Correction: This article originally stated that the shooting occurred at an AMC theater.

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He won scholarships and internships as a high school science student, and graduated "at the top of the top" of his class at the University of California, Riverside.By Rick Sallinger DENVER (CBS4) – The Department of Corrections won’t say where convicted Aurora theater shooting killer James Holmes is now being imprisoned, but a document turned over by the attorney general’s office to prosecutors reveals Holmes is in solitary confinement in a maximum security prison in another state.Holmes is allowed out of his cell only for an hour a day. For killing 12 and injuring dozens of others Holmes was sentenced to life plus 3,000 years in prison.A study titled "A U-shaped association between intensity of Internet use and adolescent health," published by the journal Pediatrics, attempted to draw a correlation between mental health and intensity of Internet use.The theory being that poor mental health may result in either heavy use of the Internet or little to none.

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