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Competitive bids are made through a local bank or a licensed broker.

Individual investors can make noncompetitive bids via the Treasury Direct website.

When the bill matures, the investor is paid the face value—par value—of the bill they bought.

If the face value amount is greater than the purchase price, the difference is the interest earned for the investor.

In other words, short-term T-bills are discounted less than longer-dated T-bills.

Longer-dated maturities pay higher returns than short-dated bills because there's more risk priced into the instruments meaning there's a greater chance that interest rates could rise. Conversely, during recessions, investors tend to invest in T-Bills as a safe place for their money spiking the demand for these safe products.

Previously issued T-bills can be bought on the secondary market through a broker.

Bids are referred to as competitive or noncompetitive bids.However, some can reach a maximum denomination of million on noncompetitive bids. government is effectively writing an IOU to the investor. T-bills can have maturities of just a few days or up to the maximum of 52 weeks, but common maturities are 4, 8, 13, 26, and 52 weeks.The Treasury Department sells T-Bills during auctions using a competitive and noncompetitive bidding process. government issues T-bills to fund various public projects, such as the construction of schools and highways. T-bills are considered a safe and conservative investment since the U. The longer the maturity date, the higher the interest rate that the T-Bill will pay to the investor.Bidders range from individual investors to hedge funds, banks, and primary dealers.A competitive bid sets a price at a discount from the T-bill's par value, letting you specify the yield you wish to get from the T-Bill.

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